Lodge Edmond J Safra

Consecrated 15 April 2018

Consecration President: Daniel Sakow 2018

Wor Bro Aubrey Meyerowitz took the initiative to open a Lodge in San Diego and after a period of hard work finally managed to assemble a group of young Jewish men and opened the Lodge. He declined the Presidency preferring to guide the Lodge in its endeavours.

Naming of the Lodge

Edmond J Safra Edmond J. Safra: 6 August 1932 – 3 December 1999) was a Lebanese Brazilian Jewish banker who continued the family tradition of banking in Syria, Lebanon, Brazil and Switzerland. He was married to Lily Watkins from 1976 until his death. He died in a fire that attracted wide media interest and was judicially determined to be due to arson. Read more ....

Jews in San Diego

Jewish life in San Diego started in what is called Old Town, near the San Diego River and just below the hill on which the Spanish built the first California mission in 1769. The first Jew arrived at this remote frontier site in 1850, the same year the city received its charter. In this town of 800, there were, perhaps, 25 Jews until the 1860s. Most were very visible for their number, both as businessmen and civic leaders. Read more....

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