The mission of the Hebrew Order of David International is to create an informed and active constituency dedicated to the ideals of the Order. Our members are essential in implementing this vision.

  • A growing and diversified membership shows that members care about the work of the Order and demonstrate concern about its role in Society.

  • Our members perform a unique and valuable role in the community. These volunteers work in their communities; mobilise support for the Order; serve as liaison with the media to provide public visibility at the community level.

  • Through their annual membership payments and additional contributions, members are an important source of revenue for our Grand Lodge and our Lodges.

  • Members are a source of new leadership, new ideas and new energy.

  • The Hebrew Order of David International is a growing organisation with Lodges in South Africa, Israel, United State of America, Canada and the United Kingdom

Membership Benefits

  • Become part of a world-wide Jewish Fraternity with an active presence in South Africa, Israel, United States, United Kingdom and Canada

  • Use your time and energy as a volunteer to alleviate suffering wherever possible

  • Take a stand with your Affiliation against Antisemitism, Assimilation and Apathy

  • Given our commitment to assist in the relief of suffering across cultural borders, we can learn from perspectives from varied backgrounds. Younger people from diverse communities can help guarantee that the torch of leadership is passed from one generation to another.

  • The Hebrew Order of David International is a place where people from diverse backgrounds cooperate to achieve common goals.