Consecration Dr Herzl Lodge - 27 November 1904. The Inaugural meeting was held at the Empress Hotel in Marshall Street, Johannesburg, South Africa.


The first concert to raise funds in aid of the Dr Herzl Lodge was held at the old His Majesty's Theatre on 13 August 1905


The Consecration of the Max Langermann Lodge in Germiston in November 1906.


Consecration Max Langermann Lodge in Germiston, South Africa - November 1907
Consecration David Wulfsohn Lodge in Krugersdorp, South Africa. 


Consecration of  Sir Harry Graumann Lodge in Benoni, South Africa 15 November 1911


Consecration Otto Warburg Lodge in Pretoria, South Africa - 21 June 1914 
Consecration Sir Rufus Isaacs Lodge (renamed Joshua Mazell Lodge) in Boksburg, South Africa


Wor Bro S N Davis becomes Grand President 1918 to 1920


Consecration Dr Max Nordau Lodge in Brakpan, South Africa - 15 February 1920
Consecration Phillip Silbert Lodge in Randfontein, South Africa 
Wor Bro M L Goodman becomes Grand President 1920 to 1922


Consecration Sir Herbert Samuel Lodge - Springs


Wor Bro O Shoob becomes Grand President 1922 to 1924


Consecration of the A P Bender Lodge in East London, South Africa


First Conference of the Hebrew Order of David - 29 June 1924 
Consecrated Witbank Lodge in Witbank, South Africa (later renamed M M Ussishkin Lodge)
Wor Bro Louis Faiga, founder of the Order, becomes Grand President 1924 to 1925


Consecration of F C Hollander Lodge in Durban, South Africa
Consecration of Sir Matthew Nathan Lodge in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Consecration of Chaim Weizmann Lodge in Johannesburg, South Africa
Consecration of Isaac Ochberg Lodge in Bloemhof, South Africa
Consecration of Nigel Lodge - Nigel, South Africa
Wor Bro Joseph Distiller, founder of the Order, becomes Grand President 1925 to 1926


Consecration of Morris Kramer Lodge in King William's Town, South Africa
Consecration of Bloemfontein Lodge - (re-named Lodge Israel) in South Africa
Wor Bro Charles Spiro becomes Grand President 1926 to 1928


Consecration Achad Ha’am Lodge in Heilbron, South Africa
Consecration Kurland and Riga (Lifland) Lodge - Johannesburg, South Africa


Consecration of Lichtenburg Lodge in South Africa
Consecration of Kroonstad Lodge in South Africa
The Senate was established and Consecrated on 7th March 1928
Wor Bro Charles Spiro becomes the first Principal of the Senate
Wor Bro M J Shindler becomes Grand President 1928 to 1930


Consecration of Bernhardt Dworlatzky Lodge in Senekal, South Africa
Consecration of Philip Silbert Lodge in Randfontein, South Africa
Consecration of Parys Vredefort Lodge in Parys, South Africa
Consecration of Sir Moses Montefiore Lodge in Johannesburg, South Africa


Consecration Nahum Sokolow Lodge in Vereeniging, South Africa - 9 March 1930
Consecration Potchefstroom Lodge in Potchefstroom, South Africa
Consecration Louis Isaacson Lodge in Kimberley, South Africa


29 November 1931 Consecration of Louis Isaacson Lodge in Kimberley
Wor Bro S Friendly becomes Grand President 1931 to 1933
Wor Bro Joseph Distiller becomes Principal of the Senate 1931 to 1932


Wor Bro Louis Faiga becomes Principal of the Senate 1932 to 1934


Wor Bro R N Edelstein becomes Grand President 1933 to 1935


Wor Bro L LeRoith becomes Principal of the Senate 1934 to 1936


Wor Bro I J Balkin becomes Grand President - 1935 to 1937


Wor Bro Henry Blank becomes Principal of the Senate 1936 to 1938


Wor Bro E Melamed becomes Grand President - 1937 to 1939


Wor Bro Joseph Distiller, founder of the Hebrew Order of David, died on 19 August 1938
Wor Bro I J Balkin becomes Principal of the Senate 1938 to 1948 (the War Years)


Wor Bro Louis Faiga, co-founder of the Hebrew Order of David, passed away on 27 December 1939.
Wor Bro J A Davidson becomes Grand President - 1939 to 1941


Wor Bro J Nathan becomes Grand President - 1941 to 1946 during the War Years
Consecration of Chaim Weizmann Lodge in Johannesburg, South Africa


Consecration of Joseph Distiller Lodge in Johannesburg, South Africa


Witbank Lodge in Witbank, South Africa renamed M M Ussishkin Lodge


Wor Bro S J Geffen becomes Grand President - 1946 to 1948


Consecration of Nathan Gamsu Lodge in Nigel, South Africa - 21 March 1947


Consecration of David Ben Gurion Lodge in Krugersdorp - 1 February 1948 
Wor Bro J C Lazarow becomes Grand President - 1948 to 1950
Wor Bro Joe Nathan becomes Principal of the Senate 1948 to 1951



Consecration of Lodge Zion in Klerksdorp, South Africa


Wor Bro R S Myers becomes Grand President - 1950 to 1952
Consecrated of Lodge Bethal, South Africa


Wor Bro D J Etkind (Tommy) becomes Grand President - 1952 to 1954


Consecration of the Pietersburg Lodge on Sunday 6 September 1953
Wor Bro S J Geffen becomes Principal of the Senate 1953 to 1955


Wor Bro P Rappaport becomes Grand President - 1954 to 1956
Consecration of Lodge Maccabee in Greenside, Johannesburg


Wor Bro J C Lazarow becomes Principal of the Senate 1955 to 1957


Wor Bro F Melnick becomes Grand President - 1956 to 1958
Consecration Lodge Shalom in Welkom, South Africa - 8 June 1956 
Consecrated Cyrildene Lodge in Johannesburg, South Africa - 2 September 1956


Wor Bro Ruby Myers becomes Principal of the Senate 1957 to 1959


Wor Bro Jack Sesel becomes Grand President - 1958 to 1960


Wor Bro P Rappaport becomes Principal of the Senate 1959 to 1961


Wor Bro H Schewitz becomes Grand President - 1960 to 1962
Consecration of Hillel Lodge in Port Elizabeth - 26 March 1960


Sir Harry Graumann Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee Sunday 26 November


Wor Bro M H Mann becomes Grand President - 1962 to 1964
Sir Harry Graumann Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee - March 26 Sunday 


Wor Bro Henry Blank tenders his resignation as Grand Secretary on 2 March 1964 after 35 years of service.
Wor Bro Sam Jacobsohn becomes Grand President - 1964 to 1966
Wor Bro Joe Nagel becomes Principal of the Senate 1964 to 1966


Consecration of Rev Chaim Katz Lodge in East London, South Africa


Wor Bro Harry Friedgut becomes Grand President - 1966 to 1968
Wor Bro M H Mann becomes Principal of the Senate - 1966 to 1968


Consecration of Lodge Kadimah in Bramley, Johannesburg - 6 April 1967 
Consecration of Lodge Sinai in Durban, South Africa - 29 October 1967


Consecration of Lodge Kinneret in Cape Town, South Africa - 1 September 1968 
Consecration Rev Chaim Katz Lodge in East London, South Africa  - 25 November 1968 
Consecration of Lodge Jerusalem in Johannesburg, South Africa - 24 March 1968 
Wor Bro F Simon becomes Grand President - 1968 to 1970
Wor Bro J L Fisher becomes Principal of the Senate - 1968 to 1970


Consecration of Lodge Masada, Pretoria, South Africa - 16 November 1969


Wor Bro Jack Ritz becomes Grand President 1970 to 1972
Wor Bro G Lyons becomes Principal of the Senate 1970 to 1972


Dr Herzl Lodge arranged a public meeting to honour Dr Simon Wiessenthal
Consecration of Lodge Menorah in Port Elizabeth, South Africa - 6 June 1972
Wor Bro Stanley Distiller becomes Grand President 1972 to 1974
Wor Bro A Nochumowitz becomes Principal of the Senate 1972 to 1974


Changed name from Cyrildene Lodge to Moshe Dayan Lodge - 14 June 1973 
Consecration of Lodge Shofar in Johannesburg, South Africa - 2 September 1973 


Consecration of Lodge Negev in Sandton, South Africa - 17 February 1974
Consecration of Lodge Golan in Cape Town, South Africa - 31 March 1974
Consecration Lodge Ashkelon in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - 1 September 1974 

The 70th Anniversary of the Dr Herzl Lodge held at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa
Wor Bro Lester Abrams (Sir Harry Graumann Lodge) becomes Grand President - 1974 to 1975. He serves two more terms from 1984 to 1988
Wor Bro S C Ostrofsky becomes Principal of the Senate 1974 to 1976


Wor Bro Michael Levy becomes Grand President - 1975 to 1977


Consecration of Lodge Eilat, Edenvale, South Africa - 10 July 1976 
Consecration of Lodge Haifa, Cape Town, South Africa
Wor Bro G Metzger becomes Principal of the Senate 1976 to 1978


Consecration of Lodge Netanya in Harare, Zimbabwe - 27 March 1977 
Consecration of the Joseph Stone Lodge in Constantia, Cape Town - 3 September 1977 
Wor Bro Bennie Asch becomes Grand President 1977 to 1979



Consecration of Lodge Moledet in Ra'Anana, Israel
Wor Bro J Blumenau becomes Principal of the Senate 1978 to 1980


The 75th Anniversary of the Dr Herzl Lodge was held on the 26th May 1979
Wor Bro Astor Freedman (Lodge No 5 Pretoria) becomes Grand President


Wor Bro H Gordon becomes Principal of the Senate 1980 to 1982


Amalgamation of Lodge Masada and the Otto Warburg Lodge to form the Masada-Warburg Lodge No 5 - 10 November 1982 
Wor Bro Charles Loeb, Lodge Jerusalem, becomes Grand President 1982 to 1984. He served a second term fro 1998 to 1999
Wor Bro Joe Cronson becomes Principal of the Senate 1982 to 1984


Wor Bro S Symon becomes Principal of the Senate 1984 to 1986


Consecration of Lishkat Ir David in Jerusalem, Israel
Wor Bro Bernard Shull, Lodge Shofar, becomes Grand President 1986 to 1988
Wor Bro B Abramowitz becomes Principal of the Senate 1986 to 1988


Consecration of Lodge Hillel-Menorah in Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Consecration of Lishkat HaSharon in Netanya, Israel
Consecration of Lodge Hatikvah in Johannesburg, South Africa
Wor Bro Morrie Mindel becomes Grand President 1988 to 1990
Wor Bro R Neuhaus becomes Principal of the Senate 1988 to 1990


Lodge Waratah Consecrated 19 March 1989 in Sydney, Australia


Wor Bro Selwyn Fein, Lodge Negev,  becomes Grand President 1992 to 1994
Wor Bro H Lochoff becomes Principal of the Senate 1990 to 1992


Wor Bro Con Travis (Lodge Negev) becomes Grand President 1981 to 1982


Consecration of Lodge Jaffa in Durban, South Africa

Consecration of Syd Enfield Lodge in Sydney, Australia
Consecration of Simon Wiessenthal Lodge in Sandton, South Africa
Consecration of Lodge Ilan in Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa - 9 May 1992
Wor Bro Bernard Joffe becomes Grand President 1992 to 1994
Wor Bro H Levin becomes Principal of the Senate 1992 to 1994



8 August 1993 Consecration of Cyril Pearlman Lodge in Perth, Australia


Wor Bro Markham Becker becomes Grand President 1994 to 1996
Wor Bro Charles Loeb becomes Principal of the Senate 1994 to 1996


Consecration of London UK No 1, England, United Kingdom


Wor Bro Julyan Amler (Lodge Jerusalem) becomes Grand President 1996 to 1998
Wor Bro David Godfrey becomes Principal of the Senate 1996 to 1998


Consecration of London UK No 2, England, United Kingdom


Wor Bro C Zaiden becomes Principal of the Senate 1998 to 2000


Consecration of London UK No 3, England, United Kingdom 23 May 1999

Consecration of Lodge Carmel in Atlanta, USA on 30 May 1999. The fist Lodge to be Consecrated in the United States of America
Wor Bro Rolf Neuhaus (Lodge Jerusalem) becomes Grand President 1999 to 2001


Wor Bro E Mandelstam becomes Principal of the Senate 2000 to 2004


Wor Bro J Celine becomes Principal of the Senate 2002 to 2004


Wor Bro Marc Goldberg (Dr Herzl Lodge) becomes Grand President 2003 to 2005


Consecration of London UK No 4, England, United Kingdom - 4 June 2004
Wor Bro G Stein becomes Principal of the Senate 2004 to 2006


Wor Bro M Goldberg becomes Principal of the Senate 2008 to 2010


Consecration Lodge Bezalel in Marietta Atlanta USA - 30 August 2009


Consecration Lodge Tamir in Boca Raton in Florida USA - 18 April 2010 


22 May 2011 Consecration Lodge Ilan Ramon in Toronto in Canada


Consecration Lodge Magen David in Atlanta - 19 August 2012 


Consecration Lodge Shimshon in Alpharetta Atlanta - 7 September 2014 
Consecration Lodge Shimon Peres in Dallas, Texas - 2 November 2014 


Consecration Lodge Galil in Houston Texas - 8 November 2015


 31st of January 2016 Wor Bro Michael Margolis invested as Grand President


Consecration of Lodge Edmond J Safra in San Diego, California, USA - 15 April 2018 

Lodge London UK No 3 Closed, handed back the Charter April 2018


Consecration Lodge Tikvah in Houston, Texas on Sunday 1 November 2020


Wor Bro Lawrence Barris becomes Governing Lodge President of the Governing Lodge of North America - Sunday 10 October 2021 


Wor Bro Aubrey Meyerowitz from Lodge Edmond J Safra in San Diego receives the Order of Merit on Monday 14 November 2022. 


Wor Bro Anton Teper installed as Grand President
Wor Bro Anton Teper receives the Order of Merit on 5 May 2023 in London
Lodge Edmund J Safra renamed Lodge Tzedek in June