Lodge Menorah

Consecration 28 May 1972

The consecration of Lodge Menorah, the second Lodge to be established in Port Elizabeth, took place on the 28th May 1972.  A plane was chartered and all Lodges were once again present at the consecration. The consecration was ably conducted and showed the growing influence and strength of the Order.

Consecrated 1972
Following upon the phenomenal success achieved  in the establishment of new Lodges since 1965, it was decided, in close collaboration with the Hillel Lodge, already flourishing in Port Elizabeth, to establish a second Lodge in the Friendly City to be known as Lodge Menorah.
About 200 delegates from 29 Lodges in all parts of the Republic converged on the "Friendly City".  Early on Sunday morning the South African Airways Boeing, specially chartered by the Order, arrived with 92 brethren and some of them with their wives from the Transvaal.  A large contingent, representing F C Hollander Lodge and Lodge Sinai travelled by boat from Durban, while others arrived by car from Lodges in the Free State, Kimberley and other centres.
Wor Bro Jack Ritz, Grand President and Wor Bro Dave Wacks, the Grand Secretary were made honorary members of Lodge Menorah, which was the recipient of regalia and Lodge appurtenances from sister Lodges. The name Menorah was the brainchild of Bro Max Towers.
About 500 brethren and their wives and dignitaries of the Jewish community attended a luncheon at the Rev. Abraham Levy Centre.
A strong bond of camaraderie has always existed in this Lodge. The Senior Citizens' project has been the mainstay throughout the years and has done a great deal to influence all Lodges to work in the interests of the aged in all towns and cities.
The 100th meeting in 1981 was a great occasion for celebrating. A community concert was organised which included artists from Johannesburg, Bernie Lowe amongst them. 600 people were present. Handsome contributions were made to many charities. The 150th meeting in 1985 was attended by the Grand President, Wor Bro Charles Loeb.


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