Philip Silbert Lodge

Consecrated 1920, rededicated in 1929

Philip Silbert Lodge

By the 1920s the mining town of Randfontein had attracted a fairly large Jewish community. The Randfontein Lodge of the Hebrew Order of David, was consecrated in 1920 but was not active until the intervention of various members who rededicated the Lodge in 1929.

The Lodge progressed well and social and sports functions took place regularly. Regular visits by lodges from Johannesburg and further afield, helped to strengthen the bonds of the Hebrew Order of David.

The Purim Dance, an annual event, was very popular and the Lodge also presented plays from time-to-time to the delight of the community.

When the need arose to build a communal centre, the Philip Silbert Lodge made a great effort to raise funds and a magnificent Jewish centre was built, providing facilities for the community. A beautiful Lodge room was included for the benefit of the Order.

Some notable members of the Lodge were Messrs Flaxman; Amey; Robinson; Willcov and Kobrin. Mr Meyer Katz who was later elected mayor of Randfontein. A street in the town still bears his name.

In close collaboration with the David Ben-Gurion Lodge in Krugersdorp, regular Sunday outings were arranged for patients of the Sterkfontein Mental Hospital. Joint picnics and social events were a regular feature between these two lodges. A bursary fund was established to provide funds for local Jewish students to further their academic careers. Fundraising also assisted with the needs of the greater Randfontein community.

As the Jewish community in Randfontein left the area, the Lodge was unable to operate and finally closed its doors in 1982. 

Naming of the Lodge

The Lodge was renamed the Philip Silbert Lodge in honour of a member who had rendered conspicuous service to the Jewish community of Randfontein and Krugersdorp. 

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