Kroonstad Lodge

Consecrated October 1928


Kroonstad (Afrikaans directly translated "Crown City") is the third largest town in the Free State (after Bloemfontein and Welkom) and lies two hours drive on the N1 from Gauteng. Maokeng is an area within Kroonstad, and is occasionally used as a synonym of the town itself. It is the second-largest commercial and urban centre in the Northern Free State (after Welkom), and an important railway junction on the main line from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Maokeng is Sesotho and means "place of the thorn trees (mimosa trees)". Read more....

Jews in Kroonstad

Take a look at some photos of Kroonstad Cemetry. Read more...

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Wor Bro Rachmiel Drobis
Wor Bro Cyril Smiedt
Wor Bro Maurice Segal
Wor Bro Joe Strauss
Wor Bro Solly Baer
Bro Sam Smiedt
Bro Ralph Lawrence
Bro Oscar Tager
Wor Bro Alfred Marock
Wor Bro Jack Woolf
Wor Bro Isaac Levitt
Wor Bro Maurice Bloch
Bro Louis Norman Abrams
Bro Max Julius Abrams
Bro Harry Ephraim Blacher
Bro N Goldsmith
Wor Bro Marcus Drobis
Wor Bro Wallace WoolfGoldsmith, W W
Bro Michael Searle Bloch
Bro N E Chin
Wor Bro M Abrahams
Wor Bro Sidney Goldstein
Wor Bro Avigdor Samuel Feldman