Lodge Ilan

Consecrated 9 May 1992

Lodge Ilan No 55, based at Milnerton in the Western Cape, was consecrated on 9 May 1992. Its origin, however, dated back several years.

The Hebrew Order of David had been ably represented for many years in Cape Town by Lodges Kinneret, Haifa and Golan, but these mainly serve the southern suburbs of the Mother City. The idea of a fourth Lodge, to serve the northern suburbs had been in the pipeline for some time but previous efforts proved fruitless.

Then, in 1990, another attempt was made by advertising in the Milnerton Jewish Guild newsletter. This was followed inter alia by explanatory meetings and coffee evenings. The result was that application forms for the first six proposed members were submitted to Grand Lodge in December 1990, each applicant asking to join "a Lodge to be formed". Then followed months of effort to recruit more members and keep the concept alive.  The prospective members were pushed, guided and pulled along by several worthy brethren of the Order.  Without their hard work the candidates would have faltered many times.  The main driving force at the time was Wor. Bro Stan Chertkow, who was awarded Honorary Membership of this Lodge for both his past and present commitment.

In October 1991 the first Open Lodge meeting was held. This was minuted under "Proposed New Lodge, Milnerton" and all the Temple paraphernalia was borrowed from Lodge Kinneret. Only a handful of members tentatively followed the lead whilst guests from Region and other Cape Town Lodges ran the meeting.

By the second Open Lodge meeting in November 1991 the name "Ilan", meaning a young growing tree, had been accepted officially, and Lodge Haifa had donated a memorial lamp. The third meeting brought more recognition with the attendance of the then Grand President, Wor Bro Selwyn Fein, plus a cash donation from the other Regional Lodges to help give the Lodge a kick-start.

Lodge Haifa, Kinneret and Golan were holding their combined Installation of Officers in May, 1992. The Grand Executive agreed to consecrate Lodge Ilan that same weekend provided with a minimum of 32 members. Grand Executive contributed a large sum towards the consecration expenses and on the big day, Saturday 9 May 1992,  Lodge Ilan  was officially born.

Since then membership has fluctuated as members have both been lost and gained. Like most Lodges there is a strong core of brethren committed to the Hebrew Order of David's ideals.  Lodge Ilan has established itself in the local community, and has implemented the following projects

-Manufacturing of HOD yarmulkas (approved by Grand Executive as the official yamulka world-wide),

-Donating a swimming pool and equipment to the Bel Porto School for handicapped,

-Providing a wheelchair where necessary,

-Helping clothe the underprivileged.

-Launching a scheme to visit various children's homes with a video arcade game for their entertainment,

-Participating in several one on one events for the handicapped and helping other local Lodges with their cycle tour fundraisers,

-Supporting the local Jewish Guild, the Milnerton Shul and the Board of Guardians.

-A theatre evening at the Nico Malan, Cape Town's premiere theatre complex has also been planned.

Socially the brethren have been busy, holding several braais, a progressive dinner, ten-pin bowling, inter-Lodge soccer and volleyball, and two mystery car rallies. 

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