Lodge Moledet

Consecrated in 1978

Wor Bro Monty Mann who was resident in Israel, in a discussion with Wor Bro David Wacks, who was leading an HOD Tour to Israel, suggested that the time had arrived to consider the formation of a Lodge of the Order in Israel, A large number of brethren and their families had gone on Aliyah over the years, and the formation of a Lodge could do a great deal to cement the relationship between them and also assist in the integration in Israel as new Olim. There was also a feeling that a Lodge of the Hebrew Order of David could contribute to the welfare of Israel by undertaking worthwhile projects.

A number of meetings were called and there was an enthusiastic response to form a Lodge and to apply for a Charter from Grand Lodge. It was realized that because of the distance and different conditions existing in Israel, the Charter of the Lodge would differ from that of a South African Lodge.  A Charter was applied for and it was drawn up in Hebrew and English, and a delegation representative of the Order attended the consecration.  The Lodge was consecrated in 1978.  Wor Bro Archie Polliak became the Consecration President.  The Lodge started with 40 brethren, all of whom had been members of Lodges in south Africa. Dr Josef Burg, Minister of the Interior, was the Guest of Honour. The consecration was a great success and was the culmination in the programme to establish Lodges of the Hebrew Order of David. A special trust fund was transferred to Israel to assist the Lodge  to operate effectively.

The Levius Educational Fund was also transferred to Israel to enable loans and grants to be made to the children  of brethren to assist them in their education.

Among other activities Lodge Moledet has raised funds for:
The Israel Soldiers' Welfare Association
A Library at the South African Zionist Federation Hostel in Givatayim
Beth Zimmerman an aged home in Ra'Anana
Issy Shapiro Home in Ra'Anana

Naming of the Lodge

Moledet means kindred, Jewishness

Lodge Moledet
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