Lodge Kadimah

Consecrated 6 April 1967

A Steering Committee to form a Lodge in Bramley, Johannesburg was formed. Bro Solly Block of the Dr Herzl Lodge was the prime mover.  Wor Bro S H Jacobsohn was proposed as the Consecration President. The consecration took place in 1967 at the Parkview-Greenside Hall, and was the largest consecration ever to have taken place.  Over 850 brethren and their wives were present.

Naming of the Lodge

Kadimah which means Forwards. 

Kadimah was the first Jewish student association in Vienna, founded many years before Theodor Herzl became the leading spokesman of the Zionist movement.

The national Jewish and Zionist Kadimah was founded by Nathan Birnbaum together with Moses Schnirer, Ruben Bierer and Peretz Smolenskin in Vienna on 25 October 1882.

Well-known members of Kadimah have included Sigmund Freud, Isidor Schalit and Fritz Löhner-Beda.

Members of the Kadimah founded the Jewish studentenverbindungHasmonaea Czernowitz in 1891, Moriah Vienna in 1893 and Barissia Radautz in 1912.

Kadimah itself was liquidated by then Nazi-ruled official authorities in August 1938.

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