Lodge Kinneret

Consecrated 1 September 1968 

Negotiation with  the Lodge in Cape Town to be incorporated into the Grand Lodge of the Hebrew Order of David were started in 1968. Wor Bro Harry Friedgut conducted correspondence with the President and Officers of the HOD in Cape Town and held several meetings with them. It was essential that the Friendly Societies Act not be infringed if such incorporation took place, as the Cape Town Lodge wished to retain its benefit facilities.

The Grand Executive decided to go ahead with the establishment of a Lodge of the Order in Cape Town, as the Cape Town HOD Lodge was dragging its heels with regard to amalgamation into the Order.

Wor Bro Solly Strano who was previously a member of the Louis Isaacson Lodge in Kimberley had moved to Cape Town was appointed convener to help establish a Lodge.

The Grand President, Wor Bro Harry Friedgut and the Grand Secretary, Wor Bro David Wacks held talks in Cape Town with the HOD Lodge. Amicable arrangements were arrived at whereby the Lodge would be absorbed into the new Lodge that was to be formed and those brethren who wished to retain the medical benefits they enjoyed would be able to do so, These negotiations continued over several months.

On the 1st September 1968 Lodge Kinneret was consecrated in Cape Town. A plane was charted to take 100 brethren from the Transvaal Lodges to Cape Town for the consecration.

Lodge Hillel of Port Elizabeth sent 13 brethren to Cape Town in order to conduct the initiation ceremony of the new brethren under Wor Bro Arnold Goldman’s direction. Every Lodge of the Order was represented at this consecration. 200 brethren represented 29 Lodges. The new lodge consisted of 170 brethren. All in all 600 brethren and their wives attended the banquet at the Weizmann Hall.

This consecration was the culmination of many years of endeavor to unite the Hebrew Order of David under one banner.

Eventually three more Lodges were established in Cape Town all of which have brought credit to the Order - Lodge Golan, Lodge Haifa and the Joseph Stone Lodge.

Naming of the Lodge

Kinneret (Hebrew: כִּנֶּרֶת, also known as Moshavat Kinneret to distinguish it from the neighbouring settlement of Kvutzat Kinneret (which is organised as a kibbutz) is a moshava on the southwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Located in the north of the Jordan Valley, 6 kilometers south of Tiberias, it falls under the jurisdiction of Emek HaYarden Regional Council. The village sits at around 185 meters below sea level, and in 2018 it had a population of 688. Read more....





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