Lodge Shofar

Consecrated 2 September 1973

An application was made to establish a Lodge in the Victory Park/Randburg area. Wor Bro Ivan Cohen of Lodge Maccabee was appointed as Consecration President. 

The Lodge was consecrated on the 2nd September 1973. 650 brethren and their wives were present.  The Consecration Ceremony was conducted at the Emmarentia Shul. A Shul Service was held on the previous Friday night at the Emmarentia Shul. Wor Bro D K Mann Chairman of the S A Jewish Board of Deputies was the guest of honour at the banquet.  The Lodge was known as Lodge Shofar, as a symbol of a clarion call to all S A Jews to unite under one banner.

Lodge Shofar, of which a great deal had been expected, followed the same path to extinction, despite valiant efforts to revive it, which proved unsuccessful. The Lodge was eventually wound up in early 1985, and the brethren transferred to the Dr Herzl Lodge and Lodge Negev.

Naming of the Lodge

The Lodge was named using the symbolic association with the Shofar. A shofar (pron. /ʃoʊˈfɑːr/, from Hebrew: שׁוֹפָר (help·info), pronounced [ʃoˈfaʁ]) is an ancient musical horn typically made of a ram's horn, used for Jewish religious purposes. Like the modern bugle, the shofar lacks pitch-altering devices, with all pitch control done by varying the player's embouchure.

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