Lodge Jerusalem

Consecrated 28 March 1968

A meeting was held on the 13th August 1967 following euphoria of the Six Day War, and a great deal of interest was shown in the formation of a Lodge in the Glenhazel area to be known as Lodge Jerusalem. Within a short time a steering committee was set up, headed by Bro Salvyn Wald of Dr Herzl Lodge, and set about enrolling members, to form a fledgling Lodge, the 32nd of the Order. 
The Lodge was consecrated on the 28th March 1968 and the Consecration President was Wor Bro Don Barnett. Honorary Membership of Lodge Jerusalem was conferred on Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem, and a donation to the City of Jerusalem was made during the HOD Tour to Israel.
During a tour of Israel, Wor Bro Jos Katz presented a cheque for $2 000 for the development of a garden corner in Jerusalem to Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem, who surprised his visitors by sporting an H O D lapel badge that had been given to him on the previous tour. Mayor Kollek said that he had been promised that members would be back with a cheque, so he kept the badge as part of that promise.On this occasion Mayor Kollek paid the Lodge a compliment by delivering a full length address, speaking appreciatively on South African Jewry and detailing his plan for Jerusalem.  He explained that the numerical equivalent of the number 32 in Hebrew stands for the word Lev, which means "the Heart" and Lodge Jerusalem No 32 can be read as "Lodge of the Heart of Jerusalem."
In 1969 Wor Bro Jos Katz together other brethren and their wives visited Israel with the second HOD tour of that country.  Halfway through the trip they met Arona Berold, an ex South African, who spoke about the work being done for the Israeli Soldiers' Welfare Association and the possibility of getting donations for the Association from the tour participants.  They felt that this could be an interesting Project for the Lodge, so they visited a rest home somewhere on the Coastal plain and were told that the money for its construction had been raised by Mexican Jewry.  In fact Jews from all over the diaspora, with the notable exception of S A Jewry, were involved in the building and upkeep of these 'homes from home' scattered all over the country.To see how young Israel boys and girls were relaxing and enjoying themselves during off-duty stints really made a very strong emotional impression - particularly as the Israeli Army was then becoming involved in what was to be known as the "War of Attrition" - and there and then they determined to do something about getting Jews in South Africa involved.Lodge Jerusalem with some assistance from Grand Lodge formed an Association of Friends of Soldiers' Welfare in Israel (SOLDWELL) and over a period of approximately 2- 3 years raised and sent to Israel about R7000 which was put towards the cost of a room in the new Guest House which was being built in Eilat.  During this time a National Committee was formed and, largely due to the support given by the Sonnenberg and Lubner families, many thousands of Rands were raised to finance this project.In all humility it can be said that the efforts of brethren of Lodge Jerusalem planted the seed that led to this wonderful achievement by the Jewry of South Africa.  It was fitting that when the new Rest Home was opened, Wor Bro Archie Polliak was there to endow the room in the name of Lodge Jerusalem.
The establishment of a bursary fund enabled the Lodge to make substantial donations to the King David School and the Yeshiva College every year.  On the death of Wor Bro Oscar Hersch this bursary was named after him.In 1974 the Lodge introduced the annual Yom Tov Joy project.  On the Sunday prior to Rosh Hashannah fruit and sweets were distributed to residents of Sandringham Gardens, Our Parent's Home and the Selwyn Segal Hostel.  This project is still ongoing and is greatly welcomed by the recipients of these gifts.In 1975 Lodge Jerusalem had the privilege of being the first Lodge to hold its Open Lodge Meeting in the new Ulam Dr Herzl, and with Lodge Kadimah, was the first to hold a joint Installation.
In November 1978, a gala premiere of the Brickhill-Burke stage show "Annie", was held at His Majesty's Theatre, proceeds being in aid of National Cancer Association. The guest of honour was the State President, the Hon. B J Vorster, accompanied by his wife, and, further enhancing the evening, Mayors and Mayoresses of every city and town on the Reef were present.  R11,000 was raised on behalf of the National Cancer Association and, in addition, the Lodge's own Special Projects Fund received a welcome transfusion, which enabled the Lodge to carry out its active programme of communal services and helping the needy.
Two years later, the Jerusalem premiere team was in action once more, again in conjunction with the Brickhill-Burke Organisation at His Majesty's Theatre with their spectacular production of "Hello Dolly". Proceeds were collected on behalf of the Society of Jewish Handicapped and were earmarked to build a chalet, at the Selwyn Segal Kibbutz Lubner "Operation Village".  This village was a dream of the executive Director of the Home who is also a member of the Lodge, Bro Jack Shapiro.  Here handicapped persons of all races and religions could holiday with their families.  R21,622 was raised and duly handed over to the Society.  This dream has since become a reality with the purchase by the Selwyn Segal Hostel of Camp Caplan in the Magaliesburg, early in 1984 and the Lodge has undertaken to raise further sums for this project.During 1977 and 1978 the Lodge instituted a programme of outings and entertainment for children from various Homes including Arcadia Jewish Children's Home.  Since 1981, the distribution of sweets to the Selwyn Segal Hostel has been substituted by an Annual Succoth party. 
Lodge Jerusalem has made it a policy to arrange regular outings for these less fortunate children.In 1979, a day outing was arranged for approximately 150 children from the Abram Kriel Kinderhuis in Langlaagte.  A fleet of cars driven by members and wives, after getting lost en route, eventually found its way to the home, to learn that all 150 children crammed themselves onto a Johannesburg municipal bus and had set off for the Selwyn Segal Kibbutz Lubner.  150 little boys and girls had a wonderful day of fun and it was an eye-opener to see the orderly queues as they waited to be served, followed by "Dankie Oom". One little boy attached himself to Oom Salvyn Wald until it was time to part.  Before boarding the bus for their return home, 150 voices sang "Hulle is gawe mense" in appreciation of the outing and once again Lodge Jerusalem members and their families were at a loss for words.
The outings for the orphanages, the distribution of fruit and parcels, and entertainment of the aged at the Old Aged Homes have always ensured the aged and the young are constant priorities.  Lodge Jerusalem's efforts at the orphanages included Arcadia, the Abram Kriel Kinderhuis, and the five Johannesburg Children's Homes.Similarly, the aged have always been entertained.
Regular outings were organised for the residents of Sandringham Gardens and Our Parent's Home and the members of Benevolent House. The Lodge has organised an annual visit to various Homes where entertainment and tea and cakes are provided.In accordance with an arrangement with "Meals on Wheels" parcels are handed out to the needy on various Yomtovim. 
Regular film shows have been held for many years at Selwyn Segal Hostel and in addition films have been shown at Our Parent's Home for several years.  Lodge Jerusalem pioneered the Yom Tov Card Project that raised funds for various charities.
The Lodge was indeed proud that the Grand President of the Hebrew Order of David for the 80th anniversary was Wor Bro Charles Loeb, a brother of Lodge Jerusalem, who has rendered devoted service to the Lodge.
In September 1983, the HOD embarked on  national campaign to assist "Operation Hunger". Lodge Jerusalem was delegated the task of collecting food at Checkers in Savoy.  On five Sunday mornings, between September and November 1983, members of Lodge Jerusalem, together with their wives and children collected food and were delighted with the result of their efforts. They collected 4 tons of mielie meal, over 1000 tins of canned foods, and many kilos of rice, sugar etc.

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