Lishkat Ir David

In the city of Jerusalem the Lodge provides Chalot, wine and food for Shabbat and other High holydays, for families in need, Sick Visiting, Collection and delivery of clothing, furniture and toys for families in need.

Kadimah School for children who are mentally retarded, Cerebral palsied and other disabilities. HOD dental programme (members who assist with dental treatment for the underprivileged) and many other Mitzvot are being carried out.

Meaning of Lishkat

The word Lishkat is associated withe the word Chmaber. In the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, there was a designated chamber (called lishkat chasha-in, “the chamber of the discrete ones”) where people could deposit money earmarked for the poor. Those who had fallen on hard times were able to come there and receive sustenance in a respectable manner. In the Hebrew Order of David International it means 'Lodge'.

Naming of the Lodge

Lishkat Ir David, simply Lodge David.

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